'2022 China International Bonding

Technology Congress







The 2022 China International Bonding Technology Congress will provide an introduction and overview to a variety of critically important topics in the field of adhesion, including adhesion theory, technical innovation of adhesive and sealant, as well as their applications in aerospace, transportation, electronic device, construction, food packaging, timber process, medical equipment, and new energy resource. This is a tremendous opportunity to present to a large audience of scientists, researchers and industry professionals, etc.



BeiJing,P.R.China    中国·北京

  Nov. 3-5, 2022 2022年11月3-5日


Call for Papers and Exhibits(征集论文及展品)

Adhesive bonding is an indispensable technology in modern industry. It has been widely used in automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, construction, machinery, new energy equipment, shipbuilding, aerospace, medical treatment, packaging, printing, clothing, shoe making and other fields in china. It has become one of the indispensable materials and expertise in the above fields.

In order to promote the application of adhesive and bonding technology in China's modern industry, '2022 China International Bonding Technology Congress (8th China International Bonding Technology Congress, CIB-08) will be held on Nov. 3rd to 5th, 2022 in Beijing China. The CIB-08 is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of bonding technology and learn recent advances in products and applications of adhesives and sealants. An exhibition and a poster session accompany and complement the program of the congress.

The CIB-08 organizing committee is composed of local and international well-known experts. The congress will provide valuable opportunity to exchange the latest progress of bonding and sealing technology. The congress will highlight the applications of bonding technology in various industries and help strengthen the links between academy and industry.


为了进一步促进胶粘剂和粘接技术在我国现代产业中的应用。 '2022中国国际粘接技术大会(第八届中国国际粘接技术大会-CIB-08)将于2022年11月3日至5日在中国-北京市举办。



Themes of the Congress (会议主题)

     Adhesion and Innovation for a Shared Future/粘接 创新 向未来



Deadline for abstracts (maximum 1 Page, A4 in English) is June 31, 2022. Authors whose papers or posters have been accepted for CIB-08 will be notified by July 30, 2022 and will be asked to submit extended abstracts (4-6 pages, A4) by Oct.15, 2022.







Topics of the Congress(研讨和展示范围)

          Fundamental aspects of adhesion 粘接原理

          Chemistry of adhesives and sealants胶粘剂化学及新型胶粘剂、密封剂

 Bonding technology and engineering application粘接技术及工程应用

 Surface technology粘接表面处理技术

 Properties of adhesive joints粘接结构设计与性能

 Standard & quality control粘接技术标准与质量保证体系

  Ecological aspects环境保护与生态问题

 Innovation & Sustainability创新和可持续性

All papers and posters will be published in a congress book which will be delivered to the delegates at the congress site.会前要印制论文集发给参会代表

The congress languages will be Chinese and English with alternate translation.



Beijing Association for Science and Technology北京市科学技术协会



— Beijing Adhesion Society 北京粘接学会

BeiJing Chemical Industry Resarch Institute 北京市化学工业研究院

— Beijing University of Chemical Technology北京化工大学


Sponsorship to be determined正在征集中,欢迎冠名商、赞助商来电接洽:13810495077


—The Adhesion Society of Japan日本接着学会

—The Society of Adhesion & Interface, Korea(SAIK)韩国粘接与界面学会

—Taiwan Synthetic Resins Adhesives Industrial Association台湾合成树脂接着剂工业同业公会

Zhejiang Adhesion Technology Association 浙江省粘接技术协会

—Shanghai Bonding Technology Association上海市粘接技术协会

—Adhesive and Coatings Association,Hebei Province河北省粘接与涂料协会

—Tianjin Adhesive Seminar天津市胶粘剂研究会

—Wuhan Adhesion Society武汉粘接学会

—Xi'an Bonding Technology Association西安粘接技术协会

—Kunming Adhesion Society昆明粘接学会

—Ningbo Adhesive and Products Industry Association 宁波市胶粘剂及制品行业协会

—Guangdong Adhesives Industry Association广东省胶粘剂行业协会

New Chemical Materials Professional Committee中国化工学会化工新材料专业委员会

—AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials中国航发北京航空材料研究院

—Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences中国科学院化学研究所

—Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS中国科学院理化技术研究所

Tsinghua University清华大学

Northeast Forestry University东北林业大学

University of Nottingham Ningbo China 中国宁波诺丁汉大学

—Sika Technology AG瑞士SIKA技术公司

3M China Ltd 3M中国有限公司

—Editorial Department of China Adhesives《中国胶粘剂》编辑部

—Editorial Department of Chemistry and Adhesion《化学与黏合》编辑部

H.B.Fuller-Tonsan Adhesive Inc.北京天山新材料技术有限公司

—Beijing Comens New Materials Co., Ltd.China北京高盟新材料股份有限公司

—MACO Group Co., Ltd.美巢集团股份公司

—Beijing Co-Found High-Tech Incubator Co.,Ltd.北京科方创业科技企业孵化器有限公司


Chairman of the Organizing Committee(组委会主席)

Zhu Chaoshan竺朝山Beijing Adhesion Society


Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee(组委会副主席)

Zhang Junying张军营Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Qu Jun 曲军Sika Technology AG, Switzerland

Zhang Jingpu 张经甫 Maco Group Corporation


Chairman of the Academic Committee(学术委员会主席)

Zhang Junying张军营Beijing University of Chemical Technology


Vice-Chairman of the Academic Committee(学术委员会副主席)

Paul Geiss  University of Kaiserslautern, Germany(德国)

Takashi Nishino  The Adhesion Society of Japan(日本)

Hyun-Joong Kim 金显中Seoul National University, Korea(韩国)

Yi Xiaosu 益小苏 University of Nottingham Ningbo China中国

Kan Chengyou阚成友Tsinghua University中国


Members of Academic Committee(学术委员名单排名不分先后):

Wulff Possart,  Saarland University , Germany(德国)

Klaus Dilger, Institute of joining and welding, Technical University Braunschweig(德国)

Akio Takemura竹村彰夫The University of Tokyo(日本)

Pierre Jousset,  University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Switzerland(瑞士

Lucas da Silva , University of Porto, Portugal 葡萄牙

Qu Jun 曲军Sika Technology AG, Switzerland瑞士

Sayyed Asim Ali Shah, The University of Lahore, Pakistan(巴基斯坦)

Shi Renzheng 施仁政Taiwan Synthetic Resins Adhesives Industrial Association

Chen Yu 陈宇 Beijing Huateng Hightech Corp.

Yang Chuanzhong 杨传忠Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute Co.,Ltd.

Zhao Yunfeng 赵云峰 Aerospace Research Institute of Materials and Processing Technology

Wang Dezhi王德志Institute of Petrochemical, Heilongjiang

Chu Fuxiang储富祥Chinese Academy of Forestry

Gu Jiyou顾继友Northeast Forestry University

Liang Bin梁滨AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials

Zhang Jingfu张经甫Maco Group Corporation

Zhang Jingjie张敬杰Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

Cheng Jue 程珏 Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Huang Wei黄伟Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences

Qian Zhiguo钱志国 Beijing Co-Found High-Tech Incubator Co.,Ltd.

Luo Daoyou 罗道友 Beijing Tinaco Materials Co.,Ltd.

Tan Dongsheng 谭东升 Honor Device Co. Ltd

Zengbing 曾兵 China Academy of Building Research

Guan Rong 管蓉Hubei University 

Hu Gaoping 胡高平Wuhan Adhesion Society

Fan Hong 范宏 Zhejiang University

Zhao QingFang 赵庆芳 Hangzhou Ren He Hot Melt Adhesive Co.,Ltd

Ren Tianbin 任天斌Shanghai Adhesion Technical Association

Yu Xinhai 虞鑫海Donghua University

Li Cheng 李程Tianjin Adhesive Seminar

Lin Zhongxiang 林中祥Nanjing Forestry University

Sun Meiju 孙美菊Adhesive and Coatings Association,Hebei Province

Tang Erjun 唐二军Hebei University of Science & Technology

Wang Xin 王新3M China Limited

Wang Ziping 王子平Beijing Comens New Materials Co.,Ltd.

Liu Longjiang 刘龙江Shanghai Kangda Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Zhang Feng章锋Shanghai Huitian Chemical New Materials Co.,Ltd.

Zhang Huyin张虎寅Ningbo Adhesive and Products Industry Association

Yang Jianping杨建平 Ningbo University of Technology

Zhang Qiuyu张秋禹Northwestern Polytechnical University

Hou Shenfeng侯社峰North electro-optic Co.,LTD.

Zheng Zhifeng郑志锋 Xiamen University


Congress Office(China)(组委会联系地址)

Beijing Adhesion Society

123 North Zhong Guan Cun Street,Haidian District,Beijing 100084, Beijing, P.R.China

名称:北京粘接学会         邮政编码: 100084


Contact(联系人):  Mrs.Zou Guizhen邹桂真Mrs. Ma Chuanxiu马传秀

Tel: + 8610-82671516   + 8610-82626721     13810495077  13810658781

Website(网址): http//www.adhesionsociety.org.cn       Email: bjnjxh@263.net







Beijing Adhesion Society

March 25, 2022